Answer the following questions.

a) Why is the concept of “nation brand” especially important now?

b) In which categories were the countries rated?

c) In what aspect does the opinion about the British differ from the opinion about the Swedish?

d) Why did South Korea score low in the survey?

e) Why didn’t the US get a better position in the survey?

Module 7

1. Answer the following questions:

· Why do people go to restaurants?

· How often do people go to restaurants in Ukraine?

· Imagine you are going to a restaurant for dinner tomorrow night. Where will you go? Why will you go there?

2. Read the Answer the following questions. article below and give it a headline according to the content.


A British restaurant that serves bacon and egg ice cream has been voted the best place in the world to eat. The Fat Duck restaurant, near London, was at the top of Restaurant magazine’s list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The owner and head chef Heston Blumenthal opened his restaurant ten years ago. He has quickly developed a reputation for experimental and unique dishes. His menu includes leather, oak and tobacco chocolates, sardine on toast sorbet, snail porridge, and mousse dipped in liquid nitrogen. He taught Answer the following questions. himself how to cook and is now famous for this new style of cooking, which is called “molecular gastronomy”. It mixes chemistry, physics, food and flavor to make unusual taste combinations. Britain, the home of fish and chips, is famous for tasteless and boring food. However, it seems things are changing: in addition to the Fat Duck’s award, London was named in March by Gourmet magazine as the Gourmet Capital of the World.

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