I heard that he ... a new car.

A) had bought;

B) bought;

C) has bought;

D) buy;

E) is buying.

378 Her parents work … a plant.

A) at;

B) in;

C) to;

D) on;

E) of.

379 A doctor who is selfish, dishonest can’t be … his profession.

A) good at;

B) good of;

C) good in;

D) well at;

E) well in.

380 He decided to save some money and put … in the bank.

А) it;

В) their;

С) them;

D) its;

E) there.

381 Everybody considered him … very clever.

A) to be;

B) being;

C) is;

D) been;

E) is being.

382 The director told his secretary … the message I heard that he ... a new car. straight away.

A) to deliver;

B) deliver;

C) delivered;

D) delivering;

E) delivers.

383 He … it if he tried.

A) could do;

B) can do;

C) could be done;

D) could been done;

E) could doing.

384 If you … so much noise, I … able to sleep.

A) make, won’t be;

B) will make, will be;

C) make, am;

D) won’t make, will be;

E) will make, be.

385 I thought that she … that he … the first place in the chess tournament.

A) knew; had taken;

B) knows; had taken;

C) knew; has taken;

D) knows; has taken;

E) know; had taken.

386 I … this I heard that he ... a new car. book since my childhood.

A) haven’t read;

B) don’t read;

C) didn’t read;

D) won’t read;

E) am not reading.

387 Mike hoped that his friend … him with his car.

A) would helр.

B) will help;

C) helps;

D) is helping;

E) help;

388 Ann … eat less, she’s too fat.

A) should;

B) can’t;

C) shouldn’t;

D) may not;

E) mustn’t.

389 I’ll give you the book on condition you … it next week.

A) return;

B) will return;

C) shall return;

D) returned;

E) returns.

390 Barbara said she … Dan since 1985.

A I heard that he ... a new car.) had known;

B) has known;

C) knows;

D) will know;

E) would know.

391 Yesterday Tom heard that his aunt … for five days.

A) had been ill;

B) is ill;

C) has been ill;

D) was ill;

E) to be ill.

392 I am not acquainted with Wales customs. … I.

A) Neither am;

B) So do;

C) Neither do;

D) So am;

E) Neither was.

393 Вы бы хотели, чтобы она сходила в булочную?

A) Would you like her to go to the baker’s?

B) Would you like she to go to the baker’s?

C) Would you like to go to the I heard that he ... a new car. baker’s?

D) Would you like go to the baker’s?

E) Would you like that she goes to the baker’s?

Документ I heard that he ... a new car.